I currently only work with a small amount of clients on rebrands, since they are very involved.

What I most enjoy, though, is helping people get unstuck with their visuals. Quickly. Efficiently. And dare I say it? Easily!

I see it all the time. Perhaps you recognise yourself in one of these:

  • “My colour palette just doesn’t feel right any more, and I don’t know how to fix it.”
  • “I love my logo and colours but when I try to make my own graphics in Canva they look awful!”
  • “Every time someone asks me about my website I cringe, because it looks so outdated.”

Although these may seem like small issues, they can really stop us being visible.

They can get in the way of us showing up, in our business, and for our business.

And I don’t like to see that happen.

I don’t want visuals to be in the way of you shining your light. There’s enough to do and learn as it is!

So, how about we spend an hour together and get you moving?

Fall in love with your brand colours again. 

Create graphics that make you feel proud.

Without overwhelm. 

Without a big budget. 

Sound good?


£120. 1 hour.

We book you in and work on exactly what it is you’d like to progress.

It could be colour updates, font changes, or help with how to use all your visual brand elements, so you can get on with that next step in your business!

You’ll walk away with a fresh Brand Style Guide, or we can work in Canva to set up some templates to keep you creating like a pro.